Please Sir, can I have some more?

And while I’m on the subject of the Winter Olympics. Duffster reported before the Games began (in his post Olympic village root-fest about to get underway) that 100,000 free condoms ad been distributed to the 7,000 athletes in anticipation of the shagging frenzy usual on such occasions. At an average of 14 condoms apiece, some may have thought this would cover the requirements adequately enough, but apparently not.

Swedish Biathlete Sven Diggler was the first to require a top up

Supplies appear to have run dangerously low. Low enough that, on the last Wednesday of the Games, the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research leapt into action and trucked an extra 25,000 free condoms off to the Olympic Village. CANFAR’s Executive Director, Kerry Whiteside, explained…

When we heard about the condom shortage in Vancouver, we felt it important to respond immediately

Good work Kerry. Although it does rather raise a question.

Are all Winter Olympians so skint they can’t afford to buy their own?

Olympic village root-fest about to get underway

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Sports Nudity – What does your contract say?

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Tiger Woods for President?

It has been a disappointing couple of weeks for those Tiger Woods fans who have emotionally overinvested in Tiger’s public persona/personality/ability/gigantic god-like aura/add your own phrase here. But this piece in today’s Wall Street Journal takes the cake! It is nothing short of Continue reading

Tiger’s not a role model for morality, he’s a sportsman

So, the First Church of Tiger Woods been disbanded and the sole pastor will be letting the web domain lapse. Telling us why, Pastor John Ziegler writes that:

The events of the past few days have revealed Tiger to be a serial adulterer, a blatant liar, and a selfish coward. While I am sure I will Continue reading

Women can’t jump. It’s not ladylike and they might hurt themselves

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Gender News

So she is a he… but at the same time, he is a she.

To the glee of the world sports media, the results of tests on World Athletic Championship 800m winner, Caster Semenya, have discovered she “has internal testes” rather than ovaries. Journalists are pointing fingers, calling her a “hermaphrodite” and busy posting polls on whether she should be stripped of her medal or not and inviting readers to “have their say”.

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Billion Dollar Sports Teams


It is inevitable that anyone who writes regularly on culture will eventually have to deal with sports. To illustrate how important sport is within world culture, sports and sports-related material now make up 2-3% of global GDP.

So, with the UK and European football season underway and the American Football season about to start, I thought it might be interesting to comment on Forbes’ latest rankings of the world’s most valuable sports teams:

1 – Manchester United – $1.870bn (£1.144bn)
2 – Dallas Cowboys – $1.650bn (£1.009bn)
3 – Washington Redskins – $1.550bn (£948m)
4 – New York Yankees – $1.500bn (£918m)
5 – New England Patriots – $1.361bn (£833m)
6 – Real Madrid – $1.353bn (£828m)
7 – Arsenal – $1.200bn (£734m)

8 – New York Giants – $1.183bn (£724m)
9 – New York Jets – $1.170bn (£716m)
10 – Houston Texans – $1.150bn (£704m)

As we can see, the list is dominated by Continue reading

That’s not cheating. THIS is cheating…

Much was made of the performance of South African athlete Caster Semenya at the recent World Athletics Championships in Berlin. Having won the Women’s 800m, her less than stereotypically feminine appearance led to calls for immediate gender testing in case she should prove to be Half Man–Half Biscuit. And now tests have shown she has three times the “normal” levels of testosterone in her body.

What a bore.

In the good old days cheats would hatch fiendish plots and come up with dastardly schemes to outwit their opponents. Like Hippolyte Aucouturier who hopped on a train in the 1904 Tour De France. Though quite how the organisers failed to anticipate the likelihood of a man with that moustache being a bit sneaky is beyond me…

Shortly after disqualification Aucouturier tied the official's wife to a railway track.

Shortly after disqualification Aucouturier tied the official's wife to the train track.

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