CIA bitch-slapped in Italian rendition trial

So, a guilty verdict in the rendition case in Italy. It is heartening to see that the rule of law and human rights still mean something in some countries.

Basically, the CIA kidnapped a Muslim cleric off the street in Milan in 2003. He was taken secretly out of the country, eventually ending up in Egypt where he was Continue reading

Berlusconi: Immunity Stripped

Having talked about Silvio Berlusconi occasionally (in these posts, Busted! and Dinosaur) he has become a source of constant fascination for me.

Call him a dinosaur (I did), a racist, a buffoon and an anachronistic old tool as much as you like but, you have to hand it to him, he’s a Continue reading

Dinosaur – Why “Papa” Berlusconi makes us squirm

He’s a patrician politician of the Old School.

And by “Old School” we mean; corrupt, dictatorial, a keen fan of cronyism, chauvinistic and, yes, a little bit racist.

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Busted! Dirty Euro Politicians Checking Out Their Next Meal

Ahhh, the genius of the still photo for capturing a “moment”.

Obama’s off the hook here, in a picture that has captured a couple of Eurotrash Heads of State eyeing up a female staffer like a couple of stalking lions.

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