Women can’t jump. It’s not ladylike and they might hurt themselves

I really thought we were beyond the bullshit of excluding women from competing in certain sporting events at the elite level. Once it was discovered that women didn’t fall over dead if they ran further than 5000 metres and that their wombs didn’t fall out if they engaged in contact sports, then it’s been pretty much full-on acceptance into all sports. Women compete in virtually all Olympic events including all of the fighting/martial arts sports except for boxing (however, women’s boxing is on the verge of being accepted by the IOC). Apart from that, it’s just decathlon and the long walk that have no women’s competition.

But this is not one-sided, as there are a couple of sports in which men do not compete. These are heptathlon, synchronised swimming and rhythmic gymnastics. Not for long, though, as there is a big push underway by the Japanese for men to compete in rhythmic gymnastics. Soon you’ll be see men throwing ribbons, hoops and balls around. Hmmm, dodgy.

jumper0Anyway, the gender wars have recently flared up with respect to the winter Olympics where it turns out that women are excluded from the ski jump despite the fact that they can fly as far as the men.

So, while men have been contesting the ski jump since 1924, women have been “barred from serious competition for decades because jumping was not deemed appropriate for females, [and] women ski jumpers have not been able to establish the appropriate experience in international level training and competition and to gain the type of ‘technical merit’ required….”

The women have even taken their case to a Canadian court, citing gender discrimination in an attempt to get acceptance at the next winter Olympics. The IOC old boys club is, of course, sputtering their denials but

compounding suspicions of gender discrimination was the fact that FIS president Gian Franco Kasper told National Public Radio in 2005 that jumping was too dangerous for women, that it “seems to be not appropriate for the ladies from a medical point of view.”

Not appropriate for LADIES?!? WTF Gian Franco? Back to your cave! And by the way, giant slalom is far more dangerous than ski jumping. So come on IOC, one more gold medal ain’t gonna break the bank!


2 Responses

  1. Women can’t jump, or travel- but clearly, we prove them wrong.
    Interesting piece.

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