A letter to Pat Robertson from Satan

Wrinkled God-botherer, history buff and champion tool, Pat Robertson caused a wave of revulsion after his remarks on the earthquake in Haiti. For the few who missed them here’s a quote… Continue reading

Problems in Philosophy

Browsing PhilPapers, an online philosophy research source, I see they conducted a survey of 3226 professional philosophers last November, the results of which have now been posted on their website.

Among other questions, the philosophers were asked if they were, or tended toward being Continue reading

Cult Corner: Showdown at Knock

One of the staples of the Roman Catholic Church is their habit of installing special investigation panels to decide whether the various mystical apparitions of the Virgin Mary are  official, and thus deemed real, or discarded as hoaxes. For a town to score an official miraculous appearance is something of a jackpot, akin to winning an Continue reading

The Complete Guide to the Future

In a previous post, Apocalypse Not, we took a look at the human tendency, throughout history, to believe that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are going to be riding into town at any moment.

This tendency is also often exploited, with any number of Continue reading

Help is on the way

It was with some distress I read Duffster’s post discovering his father had been lurking around some of the seedier back streets of the internet. Despite what Ernest Borgnine claims, masturbation is a mortal sin and will not only lead to hairy palms and poor eyesight but, according to the Passion For Christ Movement (PC4M), can also mean an eternity in the burning fires of hell.

Fortunately, as P4CM point out, when God wants to take His message of deliverance across the globe there is NO stopping him. And God has decided to save the masturbators by producing a bold range of hip t-shirts so they can be freed through Christ.

We're a couple of wankers

I suggest Duffster immediately invests in such a garment for his Dad before it’s too late.

Gosh! Thanks Mum and Dad!

Keeping growing kids happy can be hard these days. Choosing something for a child’s birthday gift can be even more so. What do they really want? What do kids think is cool? What will they think of you if you buy them something that will get them teased at school?

Thankfully the man behind the original G.I. Joe doll has created a line of biblically inspired figurines that will make fruit of your loins think you are the World’s Coolest Parents™.

Continue reading

Almighty Defence

So what are the ingredients behind a truly great court case?

I’ve always felt there are three principal rules

  1. A dead body
  2. A ludicrous defense
  3. A barking mad defendant

The recent trial of Alan Bushey, a 50 year old “clergyman” from Wisconsin, appeared have all three after the prosecution alleged that Bushey hid the dead body of one of his followers for 65 days in order to continue collecting her annuities. Continue reading