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So she is a he… but at the same time, he is a she.

To the glee of the world sports media, the results of tests on World Athletic Championship 800m winner, Caster Semenya, have discovered she “has internal testes” rather than ovaries. Journalists are pointing fingers, calling her a “hermaphrodite” and busy posting polls on whether she should be stripped of her medal or not and inviting readers to “have their say”.

Did raise a fuss about testing man/wolf French rugby player Chabal? No.

Did anyone raise a fuss about testing man/wolf French rugby player Chabal? No.

A decision on how to deal with the male or femaleness of Ms Semenya will now be taken by the International Association of Atheletics Federations in November.

Considering, according to Fausto-Sterling’s definition, approximately 1.7% of live births are intersex; does it not seem a rather pathetic indictment of our modern culture that a debate so integral to notions of gender is now going to be decided by a notoriously corrupt sporting body egged on by a tabloid media frenzy eager for headlines?


2 Responses

  1. Some reports are describing this as a controversy over her gender. Strictly speaking, this is a controversy over her sex. Her gender is not in doubt as she was raised as a girl and believes that she is one. Her sex–the biologically determined make-up–however, is now in question.
    The problem will become this: what do you do with those who are clearly not male or female? Do they have theri own races? Their own games?

  2. My concern is whatever the answers to those questions are, and they go beyond mere sport and impact hundreds of thousands of lives, those answers are going to be chewed over by two of the World’s least qualified agencies…..

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