So where are you on the Booze-O-Meter?

Given we still seem to be in the vice-like grip of a medico-media assault on binge drinking (as documented by Duffster in Binge Drinking: Katherine Hepburn Style), I thought it may be instructive to look at Continue reading

Drunken Monkeys

I was going to sit here and compose a beautifully moving piece about Life, The Universe and Everything.

But then I thought, “Fuck it” and spent my time searching for Youtube clips of Drunken Monkeys…



Which raises a question…


The thin edge of the wedge


This from The Guardian Health section, with doctors talking about alcohol consumption:

There should be a total ban on alcohol advertising, including happy hours and sponsorship of Continue reading

Binge drinking: Katherine Hepburn-style

New pandemic alert: binge drinking sweeps the Western world! The latest outbreak of binge drinking has erupted in Italy where:

Traditional restraints are breaking down, to the horror of parents, health authorities and the government, which has described the problem of alcohol abuse as a national emergency.

Where once becoming drunk was a social taboo and a cause for shame, it is now regarded by many young Italians as acceptable, even desirable.

The origin of the outbreak has been traced to . . .  the United Kingdom:

Having been introduced to the cheap shots, happy hours, and down-in-one drinking games of Anglo-American drinking culture, many Italians are now hooked.

Oh, the irony; only last month the Brits were looking to Italy for some help with this problem.

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