Dirty Harry Vs Rain Man

It’s cartoons like this that make xkcd required reading for me…

What’s that youngster?

Who’s Dirty Harry?!?!?!?

Sigh… only the greatest movie cop to have ever graced the silver screen, young’un…

StoryCorps – A moving animated tribute

StoryCorps is a fascinating project, running since 2003, and creating an archive of ordinary people talking about their life experiences. One thing flicking through the archive reminds the listener about is the uniqueness of each Continue reading

Hot Pie Remains Hot

Strange how some things hook onto the shaggy coat of the Beast Zeitgeist as it charges through the forest of popular culture.

The Hot Pie clip we featured in the post The Tough Face of New Zealand Policing was a brief moment in Sgt Guy Baldwin’s night five years ago when he was featured on Police 10-7.

Suddenly he’s New Zealand’s funniest cop and his moment has been turned into a South Park style cartoon. I wonder if Sgt Baldwin had ambitions as a child to have his name forever attached to pies?

Important Life Lesson

Thanks to xkcd we can avoid awkward situations like this…

Remember the craze in the old school yard?

School yard crazes — you remember those — marbles, knucklebones, spinning tops, transformers,  yo-yos, pokemon. Yeah, you remember.

Looking back, though, do you recall when and how a particular craze started? How long it lasted? When and why it disappeared? The following clip from This American Life traces the lifespan of one such (local) school yard craze. And like all good narratives, it offers up deeper levels of meaning beyond the immediately obvious. Take a look, and think beyond the playground and into the wider world as the story asks us to consider the effects of the voyeuristic, media-saturated society in which we live.

Further reading at Notes: Yo-Yo makes a playground comeback

This is me…

Just when I was considering getting fit and healthy for the Australian summer, xkcd reminds me of the awful truth…

Is this you?

Because I sure as hell know it’s me…


As usual, thanks to xkcd for their awesome cartoons