Volkswagen “Theory of Fun” Bottle Recycling

Here’s the latest addition to the VW social engineering “Theory of Fun” advertising/experiment. This time, bottle recycling units  have been modified to resemble Continue reading

Volkswagen’s “Theory of Fun”

Volkswagen has been going to to some strange places with its advertising of late. Not long ago we posted the Dudeism ad which connected Volkswagen and philosophy. Now, out of Sweden, there is a new “campaign” located at the Rolighetsteorin website, which translates as “Theory of Fun”.

The idea behind the campaign is a series of “projects” (seen in the clips below) designed to transform the public environment in some manner that will change people’s behaviour in a socially beneficial way.

In the first of these clips out of Sweden, a subway staircase is changed into a giant piano keyboard, complete with piano tones when it is walked upon. Supposedly, this resulted in 66% more people using the stairs — a healthy alternative to the laziness of the escalator right next to it.

The second of these “projects” added sound effects to public rubbish bins to encourage their correct usage. These resulted in 70% more litter being placed in the bins. Let’s see where all this ends up….

As with most modern advertising, note that none of these ads show the product — the car.

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From Jedi to Dude-ism

Jedi grew into a (tongue-in-cheek) religion following the vast popularity of the Star Wars movies. Now Volkswagen are trying to do the same with the cult classic Coen Brothers movie The Big Lebowski. Based on the zen-like attitude of the film’s main character, ‘The Dude’, the car company promotes the new religion of Dude-ism.

I guess it goes to show the power of movies as modern day mythmakers!