CIA bitch-slapped in Italian rendition trial

So, a guilty verdict in the rendition case in Italy. It is heartening to see that the rule of law and human rights still mean something in some countries.

Basically, the CIA kidnapped a Muslim cleric off the street in Milan in 2003. He was taken secretly out of the country, eventually ending up in Egypt where he was Continue reading

Green Shoots of Justice


Is it just me or has anyone else noticed some small ripples of social justice lapping on the shore of oft-deserted Humanitarian Beach in the last couple of weeks? Continue reading

Careers Day at the C.I.A.

Where am I? Is there anyone there?I just visited the CIA’s website. I’ve been considering a change in career and I thought I might be quite good as a torturer or enhanced interrogator because this looks like the sort of stuff I used to do to my little brother. Problem is they don’t seem to be offering those positions any more.

I always get my timing wrong.

When Democracies Torture

Take a look at the following list. Check off how many of the these you have heard from the U.S. Government in the last eight years in response to accusations of torture: Continue reading