Love Dance of the Jumping Spider

In a personal David Attenborough moment, I have just watched a jumping spider stalk, catch and kill a fly on the inside of the window next to my desk. Unlike most spiders, jumping spiders apparently have excellent Continue reading

Hmmm, Beer!

Some timely advice for New Year’s Eve.

Heading towards a paperless world

Hype about Apple’s “next big thing”, the iTablet, is well under way. I wonder if its anything close to what is being presented in this clip. If it is, I can really begin to envisage the death of the paper newspaper and magazine.

Further reading at Notes: Are we at the beginning of the end for newspapers?

Aussie Shark Attack HORROR™

An 18 year old man drowned at 4pm on Christmas Eve this year.

Like many swimmers Continue reading

Tracking Santa with NORAD

As I write this, the North American Aerospace Defense Command’s (NORAD) Santa Tracker reports that Santa is now halfway between Ireland and Iceland, after which he will be heading down through Canada, the US, and further points south. You can follow Santa’s progress here on Google Earth.

Here’s the first report from NORAD when Santa was sighted over New Zealand.

Merry Christmas!

Although, if your house looks as orderly as this I can’t see how you’ll be having any fun…

Is this what Christmas actually looks like for some people?

Merry Christmas Everyone

Five months (almost) to the day since we started blogging. Thanks to all our readers and have a great Christmas.