Tube TVs are so retro, man!

Last week, I sold my last cathode ray tube (CRT) television —a 29” Panasonic — for $50, replacing it with a Continue reading

Heading towards a paperless world

Hype about Apple’s “next big thing”, the iTablet, is well under way. I wonder if its anything close to what is being presented in this clip. If it is, I can really begin to envisage the death of the paper newspaper and magazine.

Further reading at Notes: Are we at the beginning of the end for newspapers?

Why do IT guys hate Macs?

The above title is a genuine question arising from a personal experience over the weekend. Here’s what happened.

I was at a high school reunion and a small part of the evening was to be spent watching a DVD of collected video images from those high school years. The DVD was to be played through a Mac connected to a digital projector. But would the Mac work? No, it would not, despite more than 45 minutes of trying.

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Cars that go “boing” – the sound of the future

It has long been known that electric cars are so much quieter than their internal combustion counterparts.  This poses problems for pedestrians, particularly the blind, who rely on hearing when crossing a road. 

Now that sales of electric cars are increasing significantly, manufacturers are beginning to think seriously about ways to overcome Continue reading

Three minute ad for 50th anniversary of Olympus PEN Camera

I’m not really a fan of those blog sites that just post up myriad, pretty YouTube clips that they’ve discovered. Sometimes, however, you do come across something that is pretty special. The first time I watched this commercial, I immediately assumed that Continue reading

U.K. has one surveillance camera for every 14 people

Looking further at surveillance in the UK, a new report from the Metropolitan Police on the use of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) confirms an observation we made here in an earlier post, namely that the public… Continue reading

Do I Need a Parental Lock?

This is a story about ageing, sex, technology. and the pitfalls of having only a little knowledge as you navigate your way through the strange new world of cyberspace.

I read somewhere recently that if you want to succeed as a writer, you need to write as if your parents were dead. I guess this advice makes sense; you need to throw off that indoctrinated, parental yoke that may prevent you from expressing yourself openly Continue reading