Politics of Fear: 1. Minarets: 0.

The people have spoken, the results from the referendum are in, and the Swiss have voted to ban the construction of minarets in their country.

We pointed out yesterday that the referendum in Switzerland calling for this ban was going to be a close call, but that the proposal was likely to be rejected. Now the votes have been counted, we can see  how wrong the opinion polls were  Continue reading

Scared of an Islamic Europe? Let’s vote on it!

The Swiss are holding a national referendum today. Referenda are an essential component of democracy but, in the main, they are relatively rare occurrences, usually only appearing as add-ons to the ballot at general election time. In Switzerland, however, they are a national pastime as all you need is Continue reading

Genetics at work

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Where can I buy a Merkin?

For many years I thought the Merkin was an urban myth.

It wouldn’t have surprised me… what better myth to invent than a funny sounding word about a naughty area of the body. I thought there couldn’t possibly be any circumstances in which someone would actually want to buy a pubic wig.

Until this week that is…

My wife has had an unfortunate accident at the waxing parlour. Continue reading

Christ, Dracula, Frankenstein: What’s the difference?

Only time for a quick post today. What I like about this Venn diagram is its use of humour to point out Continue reading

So you think multichoice is easy?

This is for any teachers out there. As you will already know, student stupidity Continue reading

Do I look slutty in this?

We’re always interested in the scientific studies that investigate the melange of ingredients that contribute to attraction between the sexes. Not long ago we looked at the sexual effects of money on women. This week, it’s a look at how men are affected by the amount of clothes (or lack of them) worn by women.

In an observational study, a group of experts at Continue reading