U.K. has one surveillance camera for every 14 people

Looking further at surveillance in the UK, a new report from the Metropolitan Police on the use of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) confirms an observation we made here in an earlier post, namely that the public…

“have a high expectation of CCTV” and that “public confidence was dented when the police often stated there was no CCTV working when a crime has been committed.”eye

For the record, a few more statistics:

Britain has 1 per cent of the world’s population but around 20 per cent of its CCTV cameras – which works out as the equivalent of one for every 14 people.

There are more than one million cameras in London alone.

For every 1,000 cameras in London, less than one crime is solved per year.

This low hit rate is, in part, due to poor training and incompetence by officers. I wonder at what point does the sheer volume of taped material from all these cameras begin to overload and complicate an investigation.


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