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Here at The Notes, you will find our discussions can wander from the contemporary to the historical, from the familiar to the obscure and from breaking news to commentary on those who break it.

We make no apologies for the diversity of subjects.  After all, conversation across the mahogany bar top is, by its very nature, eclectic.

Should you be a new reader wanting to explore our archived posts or maybe a regular who wishes to re-live our greatest hits – here is a Top Ten of some of our favourite, and most popular

10 – One of our first posts took a look at kids toys and found a range of gifts your children would fair puke themselves with excitement over should they find them under their christmas tree – Gosh! Thanks Mum and Dad!

9 – One of the favourite targets of the Fear Police is Binge Drinking. Here, a Hollywood legend shows us how to enjoy our booze in style. Binge Drinking: Katherine Hepburn-style

8 – A lot of modern parents worry about their kids and internet security. Duffster’s problem was slightly different… Do I Need a Parental Lock?

7 – One of our re-occurring themes is vintage advertising and what it reveals about culture. What are the meanings behind those great campaigns of the Mad Men era? Here’s an early example: Thank you Mad Men…

6 – Duffster has also been looking, in some depth, at torture and its impact on democracy. Check out his series by clicking on “torture” in our tag cloud… here is the latest: Green Shoots of Justice

5 – Another ongoing feature is our Cocktail Time page. Here we take a look at some of the world’s great drinks. The stories and legends behind them and their place in our cultural history. Oh… and we show you how to make them too. Here’s the most recent entry: Cocktail Time – The Bloody Mary

4 – We have our heroes here at The Notes. Occasionally you will find a post praising the work/career/life of someone you may never have heard of before. Once you have read our homage however, you will never forget them. Take this man for example… Heroes – Sidney Frank

3 – We pull no punches here at The Notes. If we want to point out that something is utterly shit, you can rest assured we won’t hold back. But occasionally we find the odd diamond, even in the unlikeliest of crap-covered crevices:  The World’s Got Talent™

2 – It’s important to keep an eye on the markets and then to make an attempt at deciphering what it is they are trying to tell you. Duffster took a look at Virgin Auctions but it’s his analysis of the phenomenon which makes the 2nd spot in the charts: Virginity Auctions: A Marxist Perspective

1 – The recession is a subject on many people’s minds. The same is true here at The Notes with posts ranging from the collapse of Detroit to the difficulties facing the Porn industry. Here is the post that started it all (affectionally known to us as “Lard”), They’re Happy Because They Eat Lard

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