Liquor review — Hayman’s Old Tom Gin

A new brand of gin, Hayman’s Old Tom Gin, has turned up on the shelves at my local liquor store, so before buying, I thought I’d do a little research on line.

I found what seemed like a most excellent review at

Clear with a silvery cast. Interesting aromas of graham cracker, almond, creamy lemon frosting, sweet spices, and delicate herbal juniper follow through on a soft, round entry to a sweet medium body with Continue reading

Recession: The Bitter Price We Pay

Some horrifying news has reached The Notes from Trinidad and Tobago where the firm that owns Angostura Bitters has been hit by a liquidity crisis. The factory that has produced the vital ingredient in Manhattans and Pink Gins since 1824, was forced to cease production in June and panic buying has meant shelves are rapidly emptying around the world.

Caution Sobriety Ahead

The chief executive of Angostura USA, the North American distributer, has said production will come back on line soon thanks to a re-financing deal but you can’t whip a bottle of bitters up overnight… this ancient brew takes time and supply could take up to a year to return to normal. The only solution is to race down to the local liquor store and hope you can nab a few bottles before the rest of the panickers get there.

Needless to say, I panicked last week and am currently sitting on a case of the stuff. Any offers?

Hey! Look what I found!

I'd rather drink hemlock

What a handy looking book!

I discovered it at Found in Mom’s Basement. A guide for the home bartender from the groovy folks at Playboy!

And it looks like it probably comes with handy tips to get yourself one of those cute bunny chicks dishing up the beverages too!

HANG ON…. WTF?!?!?!?!?



Cocktail Time – The Bloody Mary

There are nights when even the most seasoned drinker stumbles over a line drawn almost arbitrarily in the sand by some wicked God. Nights which, while they may end in sozzled affection for ones fellow passengers on this ship called Life, inevitably turn to vile morning and the grim prospect ahead.

Kingsley Amis - No stranger to the sherry bottle

Kingsley Amis - No stranger to the sherry bottle

Kingsley Amis was only too familiar with this feeling. A notorious drinker, he was also a serial Continue reading

Cocktail Time – The Daiquiri

The Daiquiri is one of the world’s great cocktails and forms the base from which an almost infinite range of varieties can spring. But there was a time when this colossus of the cocktail pantheon typified all that was wrong about the liquor industry.

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Cocktail Time – The Manhattan

To the British, the cocktail has always been thought of as having American roots. A 1908 catalogue from Harrods, for example, featured two silver plated cocktail shakers advertised as being “for mixing American drinks”

The well-heeled English aristocracy would often holiday in New York and, presumably under the influence of these innovative concoctions, sometimes marry the inhabitants. Not that Lord Randolph Churchill required beer goggles to fall under the spell of Jennie Jerome. New money spoke volumes and Jennie was the daughter of Leonard Jerome –“The King of Wall Street” — and therefore qualified, in financial terms, as American aristocracy herself.

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Cocktail Time – The Gibson

It seems like seldom does a day go by without discovering that, in the world outside, the Demon Booze is tearing the very fabric of society apart….

Violence! Sex! Teenagers out of control! And having sex and being violent!!!

This wasn’t what the world was like in a gentler age was it? No…. Continue reading