Boozing through the recession

The current recession has seen some marked changes in consumer behaviour. This has generally been a move towards austerity, so much so that a Continue reading

Your round? A pint of extreme beer for me, thanks!

If you thought that Elephant Beer was strong with alcohol content of nigh on 8 per cent, or Chimay was pushing things at 9 per cent, then wait till you see the alcohol content that some U.S. producers have been Continue reading

Hmmm, Beer!

Some timely advice for New Year’s Eve.

Have you ever been this drunk?

Here at Notes from the Bartender we do like to indulge in a few drinks and, of course, the occasional bit of binge drinking never goes amiss. But even we have our limits, and we don’t recommend that people get to the state exhibited by the unknown male in the clip below AND then try to Continue reading

Drunken Monkeys

I was going to sit here and compose a beautifully moving piece about Life, The Universe and Everything.

But then I thought, “Fuck it” and spent my time searching for Youtube clips of Drunken Monkeys…



Which raises a question…


Heroes – Sidney Frank

In Two Tribes, Frankie Goes To Hollywood asks us “Are we living in a land where Sex and Horror are the new gods?”

The answer would appear to be yes.

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Binge drinking: Katherine Hepburn-style

New pandemic alert: binge drinking sweeps the Western world! The latest outbreak of binge drinking has erupted in Italy where:

Traditional restraints are breaking down, to the horror of parents, health authorities and the government, which has described the problem of alcohol abuse as a national emergency.

Where once becoming drunk was a social taboo and a cause for shame, it is now regarded by many young Italians as acceptable, even desirable.

The origin of the outbreak has been traced to . . .  the United Kingdom:

Having been introduced to the cheap shots, happy hours, and down-in-one drinking games of Anglo-American drinking culture, many Italians are now hooked.

Oh, the irony; only last month the Brits were looking to Italy for some help with this problem.

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Boozing with Obama

Beer on the White House Lawn Yawn

Now that Gatesgate has been finally put to bed with the lovely little snuggle-in over beer on the White House lawn, this bartender would like to offer his opinion of this politically clumsy attempt to engage in some open folksy camaraderie:

It was lame!

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