Heading towards a paperless world

Hype about Apple’s “next big thing”, the iTablet, is well under way. I wonder if its anything close to what is being presented in this clip. If it is, I can really begin to envisage the death of the paper newspaper and magazine.

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2100 calories of Windows 7 promotion

Never try to put anything in your mouth that is bigger than your head

Never try to put anything in your mouth that is bigger than your head

Is this one of the weirdest promotional tie-ins ever?

To celebrate the release of Microsoft’s Windows 7, Burger King in Japan is serving up a Continue reading

“I’ll buy almost anything if it’s shiny and made by Apple”

Leave it to The Onion to do my work for me. Although this clip has been around since last year, I think it dovetails nicely with the Guardian extract from an earlier post “Why do IT Guys hate Macs”. But I’m still not sure if its dissing Apple or the Cult of Apple (or maybe both).

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Why do IT guys hate Macs?

The above title is a genuine question arising from a personal experience over the weekend. Here’s what happened.

I was at a high school reunion and a small part of the evening was to be spent watching a DVD of collected video images from those high school years. The DVD was to be played through a Mac connected to a digital projector. But would the Mac work? No, it would not, despite more than 45 minutes of trying.

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