Gosh! Thanks Mum and Dad!

Keeping growing kids happy can be hard these days. Choosing something for a child’s birthday gift can be even more so. What do they really want? What do kids think is cool? What will they think of you if you buy them something that will get them teased at school?

Thankfully the man behind the original G.I. Joe doll has created a line of biblically inspired figurines that will make fruit of your loins think you are the World’s Coolest Parents™.

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Virginity Auctions: A Marxist Perspective

In the first part of this story, we provided a quick synopsis of a number of women who had recently auctioned off their virginity to the highest bidder, with bids sometimes reaching millions of dollars. In Part II, we take a closer look at what’s actually for sale here and try and work out some of the elements—be they economic,  psychological or cultural—that contribute to the somewhat outrageous prices being offered. So let’s kick this off with a couple of facts that are almost as outrageous as some of the bids! Continue reading

Barack Obama versus the ‘Stupid’ Pigs

Something like this was always going to happen; at some point during the Obama administration, there was going to be a race-based incident that would gain widespread publicity and that would demand the attention of the President.

That time has arrived.

In response to the arrest by the Cambridge Police Department on Thursday, July 16th of noted black Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. at his own home for ‘disorderly conduct’, President Obama weighed into the affair, describing the actions on the police as ‘stupid’. Continue reading

Pensioner Sex

Once you’ve reached the ripe old age of 90 you’d think you’d be allowed to pop on your slippers and have a nice cup of tea without being pestered for sex right? Not so if you’re the last of your species it seems.

Lonesome George, the last surviving Pinta Island tortoise, is apparently at his sexual peak and scientists have been parading a succession of winsome females, from nearby Wolf Island, before him in an effort to provide him with an heir before it’s too late. Continue reading

For sale: vagina, unused, one careful lady owner

Ho-hum, here we go again, just another girl selling her virginity to pay for something she can’t afford. Seems like there’s one of these stories every week, right? At least that’s what I thought when news articles appeared yesterday about a 28-year-old Ecuadorian woman, Evelyn Duenas, running an internet auction in Spain, hocking off her hymen to the highest bidder. But some quick research found that this practice is far less common than first imagined. In the last two years, Google reveals only four well-publicised instances (with this latest being the fourth). Continue reading

Almighty Defence

So what are the ingredients behind a truly great court case?

I’ve always felt there are three principal rules

  1. A dead body
  2. A ludicrous defense
  3. A barking mad defendant

The recent trial of Alan Bushey, a 50 year old “clergyman” from Wisconsin, appeared have all three after the prosecution alleged that Bushey hid the dead body of one of his followers for 65 days in order to continue collecting her annuities. Continue reading

Going Postal

The residents of Roseville on Sydney’s north shore have been complaining that someone has been stealing their mail recently.

The forces of law and order swung swiftly into action and, after a lengthy surveillance operation, have arrested…  the Postman. Continue reading

Right-Wing News Host in Pork Stir Fry

In Health News, apparently the gazelle-like Neil Cavuto has raised doubts about Obama’s pick for Surgeon-General, Dr Regina Benjamin, saying she is “too fat” for the post.

The whippet-thin Cavuto, concerned about the message her appointment would send to a country in the pudgy-fingered grip of a deadly Obesity Epidemic™, therefore raised a bony arm in protest. Continue reading

Cocktail Time – The Gibson

It seems like seldom does a day go by without discovering that, in the world outside, the Demon Booze is tearing the very fabric of society apart….

Violence! Sex! Teenagers out of control! And having sex and being violent!!!

This wasn’t what the world was like in a gentler age was it? No…. Continue reading