Is this you?

Because I sure as hell know it’s me…


As usual, thanks to xkcd for their awesome cartoons

Why do IT guys hate Macs?

The above title is a genuine question arising from a personal experience over the weekend. Here’s what happened.

I was at a high school reunion and a small part of the evening was to be spent watching a DVD of collected video images from those high school years. The DVD was to be played through a Mac connected to a digital projector. But would the Mac work? No, it would not, despite more than 45 minutes of trying.

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Heroes – Sidney Frank on cornering the Jagermeister market

As we have discussed in this previous post, Sidney Frank is one of our heroes.

But just how did he hit paydirt on Jagermeister? Was it business genius, timing or just sheer luck?

Sidney Frank - Booze Baron of the old school

Sidney Frank - Booze Baron of the old school

Well, judging by this interview, given the year before his death in 2005, it was a combination of all three…

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Spanish PM’s Goth Teen Daughters — THE Photo!

Another political photograph — two in a row! Well, that’s what you get when there’s a G20 meeting going on.

And once again, a “moment” is captured, one that the Spanish delegation have been trying to to remove from all public display ever since.

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Busted! Dirty Euro Politicians Checking Out Their Next Meal

Ahhh, the genius of the still photo for capturing a “moment”.

Obama’s off the hook here, in a picture that has captured a couple of Eurotrash Heads of State eyeing up a female staffer like a couple of stalking lions.

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Those Wacky Guys over at NASA

NASA’s space research program has spawned a number of useful everyday objects over the years. These include the cordless drill, the swipe card and the handheld video camera. A full pictorial list of these inventions can be seen here.

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Fine Dining in the Recession

La Gavroche

La Gavroche -- London

As a quick follow-up to last week’s restaurant recession report, new information in the past week further supports a significant difference in the effects of the recession on restaurants across the U.S and those in London.

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