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Tom Bullock - Master of his Craft

Tom Bullock - Master of his Craft

“Is it any wonder that mankind stands open-mouthed before the bartender, considering the mysteries and marvels of an art that borders on magic?”

So wrote Tom Bullock, master bartender and author of The Ideal Bartender published in 1917.

Tom Bullock knew what he was talking about. Born just after the Civil War ended, he was of African descent and grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, in an era when a black man might no longer be a slave but was still thought of as less than equal. It is a testament to his creative powers, his mastery of that “magic”, that he became possibly the most famous bartender of his generation and one whose recipes can still delight nearly a hundred years later.

Here at Notesfromthebartender we believe that great conversation can be enhanced through the judicious application of finely crafted drinks. And so, from time to time, we will add a suitable recipe on this page in order to help lubricate the tongue and keep the synapses crackling.

These aren’t mere mixed drinks however; they are guided by the drinks making principles of Mr Bullock himself and come from the pages of cocktail history in as original a form as we can find them. Think of it as an opportunity to sip abeautiful and delicious antique.

And as we pour the first of these, we raise our glasses in a toast to Tom Bullock.

To a great bartender, and a great man. Cheers

Dr Throttling

Our cocktail list

The Manhattan

The Gibson

The Daiquiri

The Bloody Mary

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  1. Love this sparkle of history!

  2. Hello, I was given a “Sunshine Award” ( and having agreed on spreading the love, you’re one of my 12 nominees. Keep it up!

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