Your round? A pint of extreme beer for me, thanks!

If you thought that Elephant Beer was strong with alcohol content of nigh on 8 per cent, or Chimay was pushing things at 9 per cent, then wait till you see the alcohol content that some U.S. producers have been Continue reading

New Year Envy – The Ultimate Pub Lock-In

Ok… I’ve had a few comments expressing jealousy over the view from my apartment at New Years.

But I would have traded my night in a moment for that experienced by drinkers at England’s highest pub Continue reading

Hmmm, Beer!

Some timely advice for New Year’s Eve.

#1 on my Christmas list this year

I wonder if Santa knows how good I’ve been this year?

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Beer through the ages

As regular readers of this blog will know, I’ve got a thing for vintage advertising.

My fascination principally stems from what those images and campaigns can tell us about ourselves.  What perspective do they give us on how we have developed as a culture? And what do they say about the direction we are potentially heading for in the future?

I recently came across an ad from the 1950s for Carling Red Cap Ale. Not unusually for the time, it is in two parts. A jingle section, where some frat boys Continue reading