Observations of Tony Blair at the Iraq War Inquiry

I dropped into the live webcast of Tony Blair being questioned by the Iraq Inquiry. Only intending to watch for a few minutes, I was still there two hours later. After a somewhat nervous start, perhaps due to the fact that he no longer engages in the cut and thrust of British parliamentary question time, Blair’s old zealotry was soon on full display.

What quickly became evident here was the Continue reading

Paper Art – A Prosaic Object Transformed

Danish artist Peter Callesen is currently working almost exclusively with single A4 sheets of paper. The beautiful artifacts he creates are even more stunning because of the everyday nature of the medium he works in.

Here are some of my favourite examples… Continue reading

Australian politician’s advice on virginity not a votewinner

We’ve previously looked at virginity a couple of times (here and here) at Notes, particularly the way in which virginity can become overvalued within a culture, and how that overvaluation is often associated with Continue reading

Topless sunbathing versus the New Puritanism.

It’s summer time in the southern hemisphere and for many people that means heading to the beach and getting your gear off. It appears, however, that in many countries women are taking off Continue reading

Victoria Cross winner back in the combat zone

Arriving to receive the Victoria Cross 2007

A couple of thoughts on Victoria Cross winner SAS Corporal Willie Apiata now the debate over publication of his photo after a firefight in Kabul last week has blown over (storm in a teacup really).*

Firstly, he looks like a real salty hombre when he’s tooled up compared to the almost shy demeanour demonstrated when receiving his medal a couple of years ago.

Secondly, I know that Special Forces often go “native” when in combat zones, but given the fact that there are trigger-happy American forces on the ground, is it a good idea to accessorise yourself with a Taliban-style beard? Continue reading

Cheer up. It could be worse…

There are times in your life when things aren’t going too well. Times when everything you touch seems to turn to Continue reading

Dirty Harry Vs Rain Man

It’s cartoons like this that make xkcd required reading for me…

What’s that youngster?

Who’s Dirty Harry?!?!?!?

Sigh… only the greatest movie cop to have ever graced the silver screen, young’un…

Religious Rifles: Flashback to 1857

The news that Western military forces have been using rifle sights inscribed with references to biblical verses has garnered column inches and news coverage around the world this week. The lucrative contract with the Pentagon has seen Trijicon provide more than 300,000 rifle sights to the Continue reading

Is the re-gentrification of a city a form of colonisation?

Resistance to colonisation is now almost universally regarded as a noble struggle, where the native underdog fights against a more powerful, more advanced, often rapacious, always unwelcome invader. The colonisers, with more resources, including the ability to control Continue reading

Wisconsin in bid to lift “Wackiest State insignia” title

Back in October last year we took a look at the Top Ten Wackiest State Insignia list and pronounced Maryland the winner for having declared Jousting the State Sport back in 1962. The list has proved popular among readers, consistently rating highly in our “most read posts” but I suspect this has less to do with my rapier-like wit and possibly more to do with people searching online for the photo of “Drunk Santa” which appeared in the piece.

The list, however, did raise some hackles in the Wisconsin State Assembly which Continue reading

Slacktivism: Click here to feel better

Yesterday I noticed a friend on Facebook had become a member of this Facebook group. Titled, For each member who joins, we will donate $0.50 to Haiti earthquake victims, the Group’s founder, Joseph Christopher Samuel, claims to have found 50 companies… Continue reading

New record ransom for Somali pirates

Maran Centaurus

As predicted in a previous post on this subject, Somali pirates were in for a big pay day after seizing an oil tanker, the Maran Centaurus, last November with $150 million worth of oil on board.  The tanker has just been released after between $5.5 million and $7 million in ransom was dropped by helicopter onto the deck of the ship.  This amount is a new record Continue reading

Good News for Campers (Warning- Bear Photo Ahead)

In 2008 my wife and I spent our Christmas holiday trekking down Hinchinbrook Island on the Thorsborne Trail.

Hinchinbrook - Australia's largest Island National Park

For those of you who like the odd night under canvas and don’t mind freeze dried Continue reading

More Ad Outrage: Prowling Cougars Under Attack

We’ve looked at a number of ad campaigns here at The Notes.

In the modern cultural environment, where advertising images and viral campaigns are ubiquitous Continue reading

A letter to Pat Robertson from Satan

Wrinkled God-botherer, history buff and champion tool, Pat Robertson caused a wave of revulsion after his remarks on the earthquake in Haiti. For the few who missed them here’s a quote… Continue reading