WTF? Oh… right


I noticed the Wisconsin Tourism Federation changed it’s name a few days ago in order to rid themselves of the unfortunate acronym WTF. Apparently the deluge of prank e-mails and phone calls was getting a bit much.

They also posted a rather quaint press release on their website a couple of days ago…

TFW recently rearranged the words in our name to provide a sequence that would no longer distract from our long-standing mission… ¬†we appreciated the opportunity to bring smiles to many bloggers, however we found it important to move forward in retaining our focus and serving our organizations responsibly

Bless ’em. Now, I wonder if the good folks at the Kansas Natural Obstetrics Board are considering re-branding soon?

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Things to do in Ohio

A few days ago I posted on the recent, unsuccessful attempt by stuntman Louis “Rocket” Re to leap over the world’s largest horseshoe crab on a motorcycle. It appears Mr Re actually managed to clear the crab in question on a previous occasion. At last years Crabfest 2008, he leapt the giant crustacean in order to demonstrate, somehow, that horseshoe crabs are either unable, or too lazy, to evolve. Maybe God has changed her mind.

The crab can "house" 65 adults... so presumably it is full of bunk beds and has a kitchen

The crab can "house" 65 adults... so presumably it is full of bunk beds and has a kitchen

The crab is located at the Freedom Worship Baptist Church, 664 West Main St, Blanchester, Ohio. It is currently rated as #17 out of the top 200 things to do in Ohio.

Which either says something about enormous crabs or something about Ohio.

Robot hookers in our future

This from tourism futurologist Ian Yeoman, from Victoria University in New Zealand, speaking at a conference on tourism:

“Robotics will become important, because you’re going to have labour shortages in the future,” he said. “You’ll have some sort of interaction in terms of robots doing certain types of mundane activities.”

Even robot “prostitutes” that would not pass on diseases such as HIV could make an appearance, he said.

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