Australia’s Biggest Loser (Spoiler Alert – Winner Revealed)

Australia’s Biggest Loser premiered here last night with the usual tearful contestants confessing that overeating is making life miserable. Each contestant gravely outlined what the saw as “their journey” and talked about how the show was their last chance to change their lives. The show’s new host, Olympian Hayley Lewis, writes in her Continue reading

Australian politician’s advice on virginity not a votewinner

We’ve previously looked at virginity a couple of times (here and here) at Notes, particularly the way in which virginity can become overvalued within a culture, and how that overvaluation is often associated with Continue reading

Topless sunbathing versus the New Puritanism.

It’s summer time in the southern hemisphere and for many people that means heading to the beach and getting your gear off. It appears, however, that in many countries women are taking off Continue reading

Cheer up. It could be worse…

There are times in your life when things aren’t going too well. Times when everything you touch seems to turn to Continue reading

Good News for Campers (Warning- Bear Photo Ahead)

In 2008 my wife and I spent our Christmas holiday trekking down Hinchinbrook Island on the Thorsborne Trail.

Hinchinbrook - Australia's largest Island National Park

For those of you who like the odd night under canvas and don’t mind freeze dried Continue reading

Hey Hey! That’s Raci… Oh, actually maybe it’s not.

Last year there were a number of occasions when the Australian sense of “humour” raised hackles in the USA and led to a large amount of international media comment on endemic Australian racism. We blogged about a couple of those awkward humour moments in 2009, here at Continue reading

Aussie Shark Attack HORROR™

An 18 year old man drowned at 4pm on Christmas Eve this year.

Like many swimmers Continue reading