Heroes – Sidney Frank on cornering the Jagermeister market

As we have discussed in this previous post, Sidney Frank is one of our heroes.

But just how did he hit paydirt on Jagermeister? Was it business genius, timing or just sheer luck?

Sidney Frank - Booze Baron of the old school

Sidney Frank - Booze Baron of the old school

Well, judging by this interview, given the year before his death in 2005, it was a combination of all three…

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Heroes – Talbot Rothwell

Where would we be without the contribution to modern culture made by Carry On film screenwriter Talbot Rothwell?

Yes, his oeuvre appears anachronistic today… you could never make the Carry On series again right? But, without this rich history of smutty innuendo and double-entendre, would our culture really have managed to evolve in the way it has?

Popularised by these movies, the exclamation ‘phwoar’ is now central to our conception of lust. A simple aligning of six letters of the alphabet that express that lust, yet at the same time, the unavailability of the desired object. So close to the mental ejaculation of pent-up desire by the viewer that, since Talbot Rothwell penned Carry On Doctor in 1967, it has become a staple of bawdy popular culture.

Talbot Rothwell. Writer. Prophet. And prisoner of war?

Okay… now we understand where phwoar came from….

We salute you!

Heroes – Sidney Frank

In Two Tribes, Frankie Goes To Hollywood asks us “Are we living in a land where Sex and Horror are the new gods?”

The answer would appear to be yes.

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