Australian politician’s advice on virginity not a votewinner

We’ve previously looked at virginity a couple of times (here and here) at Notes, particularly the way in which virginity can become overvalued within a culture, and how that overvaluation is often associated with Continue reading

More Ad Outrage: Prowling Cougars Under Attack

We’ve looked at a number of ad campaigns here at The Notes.

In the modern cultural environment, where advertising images and viral campaigns are ubiquitous Continue reading

Need Free Publicity? Just ask the BBC…

The BBC has always made a great deal out of being an independent organisation, free from commercial interests.

So why is it they are parroting a veracity-challenged press release from a publicity hungry outfit like

BeautifulPeople claim to have culled 5,000 members who have overindulged this christmas and have added too much weight to still be considered eligible for membership. At $25 a month for membership, this would mean the website has just voluntarily wiped $125,000 of monthly revenue off their (pert) bottom line, or an annual shortfall of Continue reading

Love Dance of the Jumping Spider

In a personal David Attenborough moment, I have just watched a jumping spider stalk, catch and kill a fly on the inside of the window next to my desk. Unlike most spiders, jumping spiders apparently have excellent Continue reading

The extreme dangers of social networking

Here’s what happened when a guy got grassed up by his sister for having beer in his room. The guy got grounded for three months. What does he do? Searches his sister’s room, finds some incriminating evidence in her diary, scans it, then releases it to their social circle (and the world) via Facebook.

This is either going to wreck her social life completely or make her very, very Continue reading

Man loves dog just a little too much

The thing about bestiality stories is that we can laugh at the sexual deviances of others while not having to worry too much about the well-being of their victims. Cruel, I know, but that’s the unfortunate truth.

Last week, it was reported that a Welshman, Thomas Robert Edwards, 20, was convicted of attempting to have sex with a Rottweiler. Thomas, one might surmise, is not the brightest Continue reading

Tiger’s not a role model for morality, he’s a sportsman

So, the First Church of Tiger Woods been disbanded and the sole pastor will be letting the web domain lapse. Telling us why, Pastor John Ziegler writes that:

The events of the past few days have revealed Tiger to be a serial adulterer, a blatant liar, and a selfish coward. While I am sure I will Continue reading

You do look at porn, don’t you?

A recent attempt by scientists at the University of Montreal to study the views and attitudes held about sex by those men who regularly looked at pornography compared with those who never  had ran into problems very early on: -– as the Telegraph reported, the researchers were unable to find any men Continue reading

Where can I buy a Merkin?

For many years I thought the Merkin was an urban myth.

It wouldn’t have surprised me… what better myth to invent than a funny sounding word about a naughty area of the body. I thought there couldn’t possibly be any circumstances in which someone would actually want to buy a pubic wig.

Until this week that is…

My wife has had an unfortunate accident at the waxing parlour. Continue reading

In praise of … Hipster Librarian Chic

Hipster Librarian Librarian Chic

Check out my books!

As many of our regular readers are no doubt aware by now, here at Notes we are quite partial to a well-made cocktail. What you may not know is that we also appreciate a good book, because we have delusions of Continue reading

Sex with a Shetland Pony. Anyone? Anyone?

Sometimes, just sometimes, you come across a story that is so outrageous that you have to post it in full. Bestiality, getting fucked to death by a horse, “full grown horses!”, dogs, pornographic videos. You can’t make this shit up!  Enjoy.
Man accused of horse-sex trouble — again Continue reading

I’m not racist but… I won’t marry you?!?!?

I was working on the latest Cocktail Time post when I took a sip of coffee and flicked around the news sites.

“Flying boy found” – Right oh…

“Berlusconi anoints Blair as his choice for European President” – Hmm, may come back to that.

“Interracial couple denied marriage licence by Louisiana J.P.” – WHAT?!?!

Associated Press are the ones breaking this story about Keith Bardwell, Justice of the Peace in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana who has refused to issue a marriage license to an interracial couple out of concern Continue reading

Important Life Lesson

Thanks to xkcd we can avoid awkward situations like this…

Women, Orgasms and Money (Warning: Misogynist at Work)

Ask yourself this simple question: Why is it that we find this advertisement for jewelry so amusing?


The answer to this question lies in the way in which the two images succinctly capture a number of recognisable stereotypes and myths about men, women, and sex.

The first of these myths is that women are attracted Continue reading

“Family Man” Politician in “Messy” Sex Scandal

I love a good sex scandal, especially when it reveals the hypocrisy of politicians. This latest affair is a particularly good example. The politician involved is Californian GOP Assemblyman Mike Duvall, a married man with two children who has been praised many times by the Republican Party for his staunch promotion of family values.

It turns out that these values weren’t all he’s been “promoting”. Duvall has recently been busted for banging Heidi DeJong Barsuglia, an energy company lobbyist. What makes this story particularly juicy is that Duvall’s dalliance wasn’t revealed by an intrepid reporter, a vengeful wife or Continue reading