A beginner’s guide to news reports

A satirically incisive look at the formulaic nature of television news reportage.

Has fat pig nation reached the limits of porkiness?

The elephantine porkers of America, it seems, have taken a step back from the “Mr Creosote Mint Wafer Point” (see video below). Bloomberg reports that the scales are holding steady and the U.S. “obesity epidemic” may have Continue reading

Man loves dog just a little too much

The thing about bestiality stories is that we can laugh at the sexual deviances of others while not having to worry too much about the well-being of their victims. Cruel, I know, but that’s the unfortunate truth.

Last week, it was reported that a Welshman, Thomas Robert Edwards, 20, was convicted of attempting to have sex with a Rottweiler. Thomas, one might surmise, is not the brightest Continue reading

A common road sign in New Zealand

Looking back at Beatles band from the year 3000

Historians and “experts” look back from the year 3000 to the phenemenon of the Beatles one thousand years earlier. While amusing, it does highlight what we might call the Chinese whispers of history — as time passes, little mistakes can compound into huge factual eras.

Christmas Cheer! 14 of our favourite Santa cartoons

*************** Continue reading

Genetics at work

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