Is this the World’s crappiest product?

Alerted by a post at Fark the other day, I checked out this ad for the Hug-E-Gram.

Sometimes, when I come across come across something as irredeemably shit as this, I am filled with awe and a sense of bilious wonder at who could have dreamt up this crap. And it’s at moments like these that I wonder not who will buy this rubbish but how do you explain to someone what you do for a living when you are the inventor of the Hug-E-Gram?.

How do you explain it to your kids?

You’ve got to be kidding, right?

Just when you thought the Flowbee Home Haircutting Kit had cornered the market forever in made-for-TV crap, along comes this…

Grooming Tool? Not wrong there…

Thanks to Why, That’s Delightful

Useless Inventions

I love a completely crappy invention.

And at they’ve got hundreds.

This is my favourite so far… the Third Skate.

A third skate designed for use with a hockey stick has a long, handlelike extension provided with an adjustable saddle which permits the roller-skater to coast sitting down… A built-in brake, operated by means of a convenient hand lever, enables the coaster to slow down or stop easily. The hockey stick can be removed for use.

And that’s the clincher for me right there… “The hockey stick can be removed for use

How very handy.

Look how thrilled she is... lucky girl.

The World’s Got Talent™

Like some nightmare cross between Victorian freak shows and old fashioned vaudeville theatre, the Got Talent television franchise continues its steady march across the airwaves of the world. Argentina, Finland, Croatia, South Africa. . .  the number of countries that have leapt aboard this entertainment juggernaut is now over 20 with new franchises, or straight copies of the format, being developed in a dozen more.

So what is it about this type of show that so appeals to modern audiences?

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