Please Sir, can I have some more?

And while I’m on the subject of the Winter Olympics. Duffster reported before the Games began (in his post Olympic village root-fest about to get underway) that 100,000 free condoms ad been distributed to the 7,000 athletes in anticipation of the shagging frenzy usual on such occasions. At an average of 14 condoms apiece, some may have thought this would cover the requirements adequately enough, but apparently not.

Swedish Biathlete Sven Diggler was the first to require a top up

Supplies appear to have run dangerously low. Low enough that, on the last Wednesday of the Games, the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research leapt into action and trucked an extra 25,000 free condoms off to the Olympic Village. CANFAR’s Executive Director, Kerry Whiteside, explained…

When we heard about the condom shortage in Vancouver, we felt it important to respond immediately

Good work Kerry. Although it does rather raise a question.

Are all Winter Olympians so skint they can’t afford to buy their own?

Things I’m saving up for #2 – Giant Inflatable Beaver

Ok… I know I said I was saving to buy myself a Flying Penguin but that was before I read the Montreal Gazette and saw the company that made the giant inflatable beavers for the Winter Olympics closing ceremony is selling them off.

Nothing says “Olympic Spirit” quite like a giant inflatable beaver

Dynamic Displays, who produced the six beavers in the parade, also made sixteen mounties, a dozen hockey players and four flying moose. 74 year-old Maria Reuten, who sewed the hockey players recalled…

It was exciting … the stuff you made is shown on television and the whole world is seeing it

Another employee, Cesar Gomez, summed it up neatly…

When people see the inflatables, they go crazy

You’re not wrong Cesar. And that’s why I’m busy stuffing my piggybank until I get the $5000 for my very own beaver. Apparently the moose cost more but who wants a moose when you can have a beaver?

And $5000!!! That’s a bargain…

Olympic village root-fest about to get underway

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Monkey King

It’s an imaginative way to escape the grinding poverty of the street, but I’m not sure of the projected life span of someone engaging in this sort of behaviour. And what is that move the Monkey King pulls off 32 seconds in?

Hey Hey! That’s Raci… Oh, actually maybe it’s not.

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Here’s a role model for the kids!

This is Mastercard priceless. One of Tiger’s slappers comes out with a winner, believing that she was the only “other woman”. Here’s the quote from Cori Rist:

“I’m not like most of these girls. I’m a mum and I try to set the right example by my son.”

Nuff said!

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Happy Birthday LSD!

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Women can’t jump. It’s not ladylike and they might hurt themselves

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“Combat Barbie” becomes new Miss England

hodge armyI can only imagine what the Sun headline for this story might be. Suggestions below please.

Lance Corporal Katrina Hodge (pictured left and below), known in her unit as Combat Barbie, has been elevated from the runner-up position to Miss England and she will now represent her country at the upcoming Miss World final. Her elevation to the number one spot occurred when the original winner, Rachel Christie, resigned after she was involved in a nightclub brawl with Miss Manchester. (You can’t make this shit up.)  

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Fashions in the Field: Melbourne Cup Tragedy 2009

The Melbourne Cup has become a national ritual in Australia.

Although not a public holiday, the first Tuesday in November might as well be seeing as entire offices tip out of work dressed in their finest, go and place a bet on the big race (and this year there was a special betting office on the main public concourse opened for the day in the middle of Sydney) and head to the nearest pub to refresh themselves while watching the nags race round the circuit. And drinking too much and spending your money at the bookies seems to be what the Cup Carnival is all about.

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