Oh God, no, not another international song contest!

What do you get when a number of national culture ministers have a brainstorming session looking for ways to increase cultural contacts between their countries?

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Eurovision Song Contest and Patriotism update

Following up on our earlier story about the harassment of Azerbaijani citizens who voted for the song performed by neighboring Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest, it turns out that the contest organisers—The European Broadcasting Union—have changed the rules in an attempt to stop this totalitarian Continue reading

Eurovision Song Contest and Patriotism

An Orwellian ‘Big Brother’ moment out of Azerbaijan:

Forty-three people in Azerbaijan who voted for a song by neighbouring Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest have been questioned by the police.

One man told the BBC he was accused of being unpatriotic and a “potential security threat”, after he sent a text backing Armenia’s song, Jan Jan.

Although amusing, these sorts of stories always make me wonder about the mindset of people who achieve nationally significant positions of power. Is their grip on power so tenuous that they need to monitor who their citizenry vote for in a song contest? Are the government really using resources to read everyone’s phone texts? How distorted has their sense of patriotism become?

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