If this is the future of air travel then count me in…

When I was young I always thought the future of air travel would involve excessive luxury. At school in the 1970s, every child I knew thought future travel would inevitably involve rocket powered flight, meals from toothpaste tubes and shiny spacesuit pyjamas.

Everyone should get their space pyjamas when they check in...

Little did we know the horrible truth would evolve in the shape of bargain basement airlines, sardine-like passenger seating and security arrangements that involve being scrutinised naked by a complete stranger paid to be surly.

Fortunately there are people out there who are fed up with it too…

Have a look at these concept plans by Seymour Powell for a 265m high solar powered airship that would bring back the golden age of luxury travel. It would contain a hotel featuring a penthouse, four duplex apartments and five smaller apartments. There would be a bar and lounge, and two communal decks, as well as a control deck. Designed to return to the era when much of travel was about the journey as well as the destination, the airship would be able to cruise at speeds of 100-150km/h, allowing it to fly from London to New York in 37 hours, or London to Shanghai in 90 hours.

Where do I sign up?

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