Lego Art

I came across a fantastic series of photos at the NY Times blog page today.

Christoph Niemann, whose illustrations have appeared on the covers of The New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly, The New York Times Magazine and American Illustration to name but a few has recently moved to Berlin with his wife and three sons. Gazing at their scattered lego blocks one night he created a series of Continue reading

In praise of … Hipster Librarian Chic

Hipster Librarian Librarian Chic

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As many of our regular readers are no doubt aware by now, here at Notes we are quite partial to a well-made cocktail. What you may not know is that we also appreciate a good book, because we have delusions of Continue reading

The Governator Strikes Back

Take a look at this letter sent out by California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s office. Fairly innocuous, right?

Now, take a closer look and this time imagine you’re a Continue reading

Volkswagen “Theory of Fun” Bottle Recycling

Here’s the latest addition to the VW social engineering “Theory of Fun” advertising/experiment. This time, bottle recycling units  have been modified to resemble Continue reading

Remaking “The Prisoner”: Further Mining of the TV Back Catalog

The extended promotional trailer for the remake of the classic 1960s British TV series The Prisoner has been out for a few months. I’ve held off posting on this, however, because the miniseries doesn’t start until November, so today is close enough.

I rate the original series in my all-time, top five Continue reading

“Coastwatch” Somali Style — The Benefits of Piracy

OK, I know I’ve been banging on about piracy in the last week, but a news piece from Channel 4 just out details an  unexpectedly beneficial side effect from Somali piracy.

You see, the reason why Somalians took up piracy in the first place was because Chinese and Japanese commerical fishing vessels were illegally raping the local fishing stocks. Without a standing navy, the Somalians were powerless to Continue reading

Fetch my axe! I smell goblin…

Is there a funnier hobby than Live Action Role Playing (LARP)?

Since when did Goblins carry firearms?

Since when did Goblins carry sidearms?

If there is, I invite you write in and inform us so it can be investigated.

Until then, this particular pastime ranks as #1 in our list of bizarre things to do at the weekend. Want to be an elf? A Paladin maybe? Or perhaps you’ve always fancied becoming a wizard?

Your prayers have been answered… all the equipment you require is available online at

There also seems to be quite a few people who take it seriously enough to write philosophy papers based on it. Here’s an excerpt from “Philosophies and Strategies of Pervasive LARP Design” published this year. Continue reading