Tube TVs are so retro, man!

Last week, I sold my last cathode ray tube (CRT) television —a 29” Panasonic — for $50, replacing it with a Pioneer Kuro (yeah, baby!). There was nothing wrong with the Panasonic – in fact, in my opinion, it had a much better picture, albeit smaller, than a Panasonic LCD screen purchased a couple of years ago.

 But it got me wondering what was happening on a worldwide basis to the perfectly good, established technology of tube TVs. Were they still being made, and if so, where could they be bought?

Research showed up some interesting figures. Despite being the latest “must have” domestic technology for the better part of a decade (remember when the first flat screen TVs cost $25,000-30,000?), LCD TVs only overtook CRT sales in 2008. This was aided by the fact that in many developed countries, major retailers stopped selling tube TVs in 2006-7.

But even two years after being overtaken, CRT sales are still not that far behind flat screens, mainly because the older, cheaper, technology is still popular in China and regions such as Africa and the Middle East .

But my favourite find was this: South Korean TV manufacturer LG has recently released a “retro” CRT TV into its home market. Seems like the old tube TV already has a nostalgia attached to it, or maybe it’s the “Mad Men” inspired decorating fashion that seems to be influencing interior design.

Check it out:

LG's Retro CRT TV


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