Has fat pig nation reached the limits of porkiness?

The elephantine porkers of America, it seems, have taken a step back from the “Mr Creosote Mint Wafer Point” (see video below). Bloomberg reports that the scales are holding steady and the U.S. “obesity epidemic” may have Continue reading

Am I a Bad Person?

Why can’t I watch this without peeing myself with laughter?

Is it cruelty?

Am I a bad person inside?

Where is my humanity?

Right-Wing News Host in Pork Stir Fry

In Health News, apparently the gazelle-like Neil Cavuto has raised doubts about Obama’s pick for Surgeon-General, Dr Regina Benjamin, saying she is “too fat” for the post.

The whippet-thin Cavuto, concerned about the message her appointment would send to a country in the pudgy-fingered grip of a deadly Obesity Epidemic™, therefore raised a bony arm in protest. Continue reading