Worried about Global Warming? Here’s the bright side…

Yes, yes… we’ve heard all the doom and gloom arguments.

Glaciers will retreat, sea levels will rise, sub-tropical deserts will expand, politicians will argue, people will wave banners, everyone will go bonkers Continue reading

The End of the World is Postponed

The opening of the Large Hadron Collider last year caused a media frenzy the like of which we haven’t seen since, er, well… the last time the media found something to be in a frenzy about. This time it was everyones favourite demon Continue reading

The Complete Guide to the Future

In a previous post, Apocalypse Not, we took a look at the human tendency, throughout history, to believe that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are going to be riding into town at any moment.

This tendency is also often exploited, with any number of Continue reading

Apocalypse Not

The news that panicked masses had raced to the National Pandemic Flu Service website and crashed the server was something of a disappointment to the UK Health secretary Andy Burnham.

“If people are made unnecessarily anxious, it makes the lives of NHS professionals, who are already under enormous pressure, far more difficult as people become unduly worried. People should be assured that we have been planning our response to a pandemic for a long time”

Yes, important not to make people anxious. So why is it that Mr Burnham, having planned his response for such a long time, thought it best to use the word PANDEMIC in the name of his website?

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