G-Spot News – It exists but the English can’t find it.

Around three weeks ago we looked at a British scientific paper from Kings College London, which claimed the G-Spot was a figment of women’s imaginations. The original post is here (Sex News: G-Spot Confusion) and it generated Continue reading

Sex News: G-Spot Confusion

Adventurous readers may have already come across (no pun intended) news in the last couple of days that the Holy Grail of women’s erogenous zones, the G-Spot, has been discarded as a figment of the Continue reading

Happy Birthday LSD!

LSD turned 71 yesterday! Albert Hofmann first synthesised the drug 71 years ago on 16th November 1938. He wasn’t actually looking for the key to the “Doors of Perception” but trying to discover a respiratory and circulatory stimulant. He didn’t realise what he’d made either as he shelved the substance until Continue reading

Those Wacky Guys over at NASA

NASA’s space research program has spawned a number of useful everyday objects over the years. These include the cordless drill, the swipe card and the handheld video camera. A full pictorial list of these inventions can be seen here.

Recently, the NASA scientists have been levitating mice using Continue reading

Cars that go “boing” – the sound of the future

It has long been known that electric cars are so much quieter than their internal combustion counterparts.  This poses problems for pedestrians, particularly the blind, who rely on hearing when crossing a road. 

Now that sales of electric cars are increasing significantly, manufacturers are beginning to think seriously about ways to overcome Continue reading