Mad Men 101 – Advertising for Men

A while ago, in the post Thank you Mad Men…, we took a look at the pioneering work done by those heroes of popular culture, advertising executives, without whom we would all be perched high on huge wads of money, unable to decide what to buy.

Convinced they were the creative forces that define and shape culture, they scrutinised society and then told us about ourselves. Not ones to miss a trick, they also decided men and women appeared to like different things… but how to sell to the different sexes?

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‘Mad Men’ picked up for a fourth season.

madGood to see that Mad Men, one of our favourite TV shows here at Bartenders, has been renewed for a fourth season.  After a slow start, Mad Men has gradually increased its  Continue reading

Thank you Mad Men…

Advertising executives often believe their images and snappy slogans are the defining drivers behind cultural change. This belief is solidified at events such as the Clio Awards which aim to “celebrate and reward creative excellence, honoring a powerful form of communication and its impact on modern culture“. After a gallon of sponsor’s champagne and a snout full of Colombian marching powder, the moist-eyed “creatives” pick up their statuettes, humbled in the knowledge that their “creative excellence” has changed the world.

Are they right?

Let’s turn back the glossy pages of history and find out….

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