Maps – A New Perspective

Maps have always fascinated me. My first book was an atlas and, like many others I am sure, I spent hours pouring over it deciding which countries I would visit when I was old enough to subject myself to the indignities of airport security.

My atlas had three different views of each country. One showing the various industries and raw materials (including whales) available. Another showing your standard mountains and crinkly bits. And a last one illustrating the wildlife (including, once again, whales).

But it had something in common with all atlases, it focussed on the land.

Which is why I found this projection, by cartographer Jack Van Wijk so fascinating.

Van Wijk uses a process he has dubbed “Myriahedral Projection” which divides the globe’s surface into small polygons that are unfolded into a flat map, just as a cube can be unfolded into six squares.

Finding this startling new way to look at our planet earned Van Wijk the Henry Johns Award from The British Cartographic Society.

Well played Sir…

2 Responses

  1. well that’s all a bit trippy!

    I like the pretty patterns…seriously though I’m with you – I love a good trip around the world, from the comfort of my couch. would be good to see NZ in the middle, rather than typically lost [almost as an after thought] down the bottom right hand corner. I always lost perspective of how close everything else was.

  2. I’ve always been a wee bit obsessed by the Peters Projection after it featured in an episode of the West Wing.

    Slight segue, thanks largely to dedicated viewing of the West Wing it turns out I am better at American Civics than over 50% of American college students. This frightens me somewhat.

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