Speaking truth to power in the war on drugs


The biggest mistake ever made with respect to habit-forming drugs was when politicians and governments decided that drugs and addiction were a political and legal problem rather than a medical one. Once this decision had been taken, governments did such a good job of Continue reading

SMACKDOWN: cross-dressing cage fighters versus drunken idiots

We’ve looked at the prevalence of CCTV in the UK on a couple of occasions (here and here), where despite the large number of cameras, they aren’t always effective in controlling crime. But sometimes they are, and occasionally footage from these cameras makes it into the public domain. The clip below is from a recent court case Continue reading

U.K. has one surveillance camera for every 14 people

Looking further at surveillance in the UK, a new report from the Metropolitan Police on the use of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) confirms an observation we made here in an earlier post, namely that the public… Continue reading