Obama is …. “Joseph Stalin without the Bloodshed”

As the Obama v. Fox War heats up, Media Matters for America* have posted this edited package of Fox’s anti-Obama rhetoric. 

God, I love watching Fox “News” — could you find better comedy?

* Media Matters for America describe themselves as a not-for-profit, progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media. They’ve been around since 2004 and you can visit their website here if you so wish.

America’s Going Green: Marijuana under Obama


Big Green Bush

Here at Notes, we’re generally more interested in booze than any other mind- and mood-altering substances, but today I want to take a detailed look at drugs. More specifically, I want to look at what’s happening with cannabis in the U.S. My interest in this has been piqued by a couple of pieces of news/information that I stumbled across this week of which I was previously unaware.

The first of these was the number of U.S. states that now sell medical marijuana, and the second was the changes in law enforcement responses to cannabis  since Barack Obama took office.

And the only reason I started looking into these two aspects of weed was because of the following ad that was Continue reading

Obamarama Action Figures

Just announced, Michelle Obama is joining her husband in the doll/action figure market.  Michelle will come complete with Continue reading

Obama’s Peace Prize an end to “American Exceptionalism”

I cannot let this Wall Street Journal editorial on Obama’s Peace Prize pass without comment. Here are the key paragraphs for your perusal and analysis where the Journal laments the end of American exceptionalism: Continue reading

Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize and rebuilding “Brand USA”

Well, the Peace Prize. Wow! What? First thoughts were astonishment, to say the least. How to make sense of it?

Coming so early in Obama’s first term as president, one can only assume that the Nobel Committee has decided to award the peace prize to Obama for political reasons rather than Continue reading

Dinosaur – Why “Papa” Berlusconi makes us squirm

He’s a patrician politician of the Old School.

And by “Old School” we mean; corrupt, dictatorial, a keen fan of cronyism, chauvinistic and, yes, a little bit racist.

Continue reading

Birthers, Deathers, Truthers, Nutters

What’s going on with this new phraseology that has taken hold in the US? Seems like adding ‘–er’ to the end of a word makes you an exclusive member of a nutbar clique. Here’s a few of the more well-known groups:


Birthers: Those who belong to an insane group that doesn’t believe Barack Obama was Continue reading