About us

Notes from the Bartender is for those who miss the finely crafted drinks, bonhomie and pointless, rambling bullshit of the old school saloon bar.

We live in a world where the individual is urged to think big, to dream the impossible dream and, if they just believe hard enough, reach for any goal, no matter how improbably unattainable.

For those of us who understand the sad reality that dreams have limitations and big dreams tend to have big price tags, there is fortunately an antidote.

Yes… it’s liquor and good company*

Consider this an oasis then… a sanctuary where the bitter truth can be numbed with a soothing concoction. Where the harsh reality of one’s miserable lot can be forgotten for a moment while one debates the weighty, important issues of life such as What’s it all about anyway? or Who would win a fight between a tiger and a polar bear?

Along the way we might just learn something.


Dr Throttling – Bartender on duty

clip_image002* Actual company required can be fair to middling depending on quality or amount of liquor consumed

Dr Throttling is a full time writer with two published works—one a definitive guide to the construction of cocktails and their history, the other a humorous look at sexual manners. The Dr has also written both drama and documentary for television and is currently developing a treatment for a new children’s series.

Duffster teaches cinema, television, media studies, cultural theory and advertising at university.

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