Here’s a role model for the kids!

This is Mastercard priceless. One of Tiger’s slappers comes out with a winner, believing that she was the only “other woman”. Here’s the quote from Cori Rist:

“I’m not like most of these girls. I’m a mum and I try to set the right example by my son.”

Nuff said!

Tiger Woods for President?

It has been a disappointing couple of weeks for those Tiger Woods fans who have emotionally overinvested in Tiger’s public persona/personality/ability/gigantic god-like aura/add your own phrase here. But this piece in today’s Wall Street Journal takes the cake! It is nothing short of Continue reading

Tiger’s not a role model for morality, he’s a sportsman

So, the First Church of Tiger Woods been disbanded and the sole pastor will be letting the web domain lapse. Telling us why, Pastor John Ziegler writes that:

The events of the past few days have revealed Tiger to be a serial adulterer, a blatant liar, and a selfish coward. While I am sure I will Continue reading