Tiger Woods for President?

It has been a disappointing couple of weeks for those Tiger Woods fans who have emotionally overinvested in Tiger’s public persona/personality/ability/gigantic god-like aura/add your own phrase here. But this piece in today’s Wall Street Journal takes the cake! It is nothing short of hilarious. I mean, how let down would you feel if you were this guy, John Paul Newport, who had previously talked Woods up as a potential US president?

We project onto our heroes what we want to believe about them, and I, like a lot of golf fans, am feeling disillusioned and betrayed by Mr. Woods. Five years ago, during the 2004 presidential campaign, I wrote a cover story for a golf magazine about Mr. Woods’s potential as a presidential candidate. Not immediately, but some distant day after he retired from golf, if he got the itch to dive into politics the way Dwight Eisenhower did after his military career ended, and Ronald Reagan did after he was done acting.

Disillusioned and betrayed! Really??? Dude, you are such a loser. And you must have been really desperate for a story that day! Here’s a tip if you are stuck again: follow it up with a story about Barack Obama potentially being the next Tiger Woods after he retires from politics.

I feel an update of "Trading Places" coming on.


One Response

  1. waste of time to even stand next to tiger woods, why would the president even bother?

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