Mystery Ghost Photo?

Australia’s Today Tonight programme featured a ghost mystery tonight. Never one to miss a trick, they are well aware that pieces on psychics, ghosts and the supernatural are catnip to sofa-bound viewers these days.

Here’s a summary of the story as presented on the Today Tonight website.

19-year-old Adam Harris and 15 others were on a “paranormal investigation” of the historic Barwon Park Mansion located 90 minutes west of Melbourne. It was built in the mid-1800s for the Austin family and, given it is one of the oldest houses in Australia, is considered to be haunted.

Adam takes up the tale as he entered the barn at the back of the property.

I was taking photos because I felt a presence coming towards me, as in dark figures. So I got my camera out and took three to five photos up there and my camera went dead, just turned off, I couldn’t turn it back on.

When the group left the barn Adam’s camera turned back on and he “discovered” a ghostly image on his hard drive.

Here’s the image…

Today Tonight have taken the camera to their “experts” and all they can say for sure is the “photo” was taken 2 hours before the others on the camera (which were snapped both before and after the barn incident, the girl appearing in the middle of the images).

Now Today Tonight are wondering “who is this girl, does anyone recognise her?”

Or perhaps we could be asking “Does anyone recognise the painting this is a portion of?” Any ideas?

Photo Update: Here’s a copy of the full sized image from the website of Australian Ghost Adventures, an group of “paranormal enthusiasts with a diverse back ground in paranormal research and investigation”. It seems AGA sell tickets to their tours which include “the experience of meeting real Ghost Investigators and a Psychic Medium”.

I wonder how long it took them to persuade Today Tonight that their ghost picture story was worth pushing on national television? I’m sure tickets are selling like hot cakes now…

Oddly modern-looking outfit and eyebrow shape for a ghost? And, if this was taken in a pitch black barn, where are the light sources which illuminate the tip of her nose and the buckle-like thing on her top?

Click the image to get a close up…

Mystery Solved: As hinted at by eagle-eyed (but somewhat anonymous reader) None 5 days ago, it turns out the mystery ghost is indeed Megan Ann Walker. Here’s a picture of Megan before she became a member of  the legions of the undead.

Mystery ghost girl revealed

Megan, told ninemsn, the website of Nine News

It’s me, but I have no idea about anything else. I had nothing to do with anything and I ain’t getting anyone into any trouble for anything

She also admitted she was at Barwon Park during the ghost tour when the photo was discovered.

I came out and said the photo looked like me when they put it on the laptop but no one was listening. I just stood back and laughed and didn’t think anything of it until now.

Sounds like Megan feels she got busted and is quickly trying to cover her tracks. Could that be why Adam Harris is no longer listed as one of her Facebook friends? Could it be they were frightened of what the press reaction would be?

To be honest guys, I wouldn’t worry too much. While Nine may try and get a bit of mileage out of Today Tonight’s embarrassment, Channel 7 is more likely to ignore the “revelation”. Ghosts sell more advertising than pretend ghosts after all…

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21 Responses

  1. Check Facebook you idiots

  2. Check the full picture, and then check facebook you idiots

    • @Lucid
      Check Facebook!!?? Okay, Ill start with the A’s.
      Facebook is a fairly large website composed of millions of profiles- WHERE exactly do you propose we look?
      Would you care to elaborate or are you incapable of stringing more than one poorly constructed sentance/insult togethor? C’mon, thow us a bone idiot!

    • can you please tell me where to check on facebook?
      I cant find anything.

  3. Another site said that the Girl Pic is identicle to a girl that lives in Western Australia (published).
    I bet that a lot of girls look like her, who cares its a great story.
    Why did it take 6 months to come out? Because it was being investigated?

    • But there’s the thing… “a girl who lives in Western Australia”
      If she’s a ghost, isn’t she supposed to be dead?

      I suspect it took six months while Ghost Adventures got their website up and running so they could sell a bunch of tours off the back of the publicity.

    • It’s definatley Megan. I know her personally, and have for many years. It was just a silly story that today tonight blew way out of proportion. Don’t get me wrong, Megan would have loved her 15 seconds of fame.. But she’s an attention grabber, so when I saw this on TT I was definatley not all that shocked. But man, was it good for a laugh!

  4. Megan Ann Walker on facebook. Funnily enough one of her friends was Adam Harris until he was removed

  5. Megan Ann Walker on facebook. SHe was also Adam Harris’ friend.

    • The Megan Ann Walker I can see on Facebook certainly has a passing resemblance to the mystery ghost. Not enough for me to pronounce the “spooky mystery” solved and start tucking into my Scooby Snacks though…

    • She deleted him because Adam and Ryan had planned it all without her, wouldn’t you delete someone if they pulled this shit on you and got you into a shitload of trouble?

      • I’m not sure why anyone would feel it was “a shitload of trouble”.
        Getting Today Tonight to do a piece on the ghost hoax only serves to show what a relentlessly crappy programme it is.
        Especially when their “award winning journalist, Jonathan Creek” admits in e-mails he knew “it was all a hoax”. If that is the case then why on earth did they broadcast it?
        For ratings perhaps?

  6. I found out that Ghost Adventures have been around for two years and do paranormal investigations and offer to investigate homes?

    • My bad.
      I still wonder about the photo as a conduit to free publicity via Today Tonight though.
      If the picture can’t be explained it doesn’t automatically therefore become an image of a ghost right?
      That’s a bit like saying any unexplained light moving in the sky must therefore be proof of alien craft. If you want to claim anything is a ghost, a lake monster or a craft from outer space the burden of proof then transfers to you in order the prove it.
      Obviously I don’t think this is a picture of a ghost. I’m not sure what it is but I’m far from convinced the explanation is supernatural.

  7. Look like the chick off neighbours Catilin Stacey

  8. and what would i have succeded… i was not apart of the so called hoax… and i dont appreciate u puttin my photo on ur website or my name for ppl to continue addin me on facebook… i do not get any money or any fun out of this so bak off!

  9. It was reported awhile ago about a house that had oil or blood comming from the walls does anyone know about this as I saw it on the news a while ago.
    I would like to see this for myself.

  10. I have had the pleasure of getting in touch with Megan due to the hype this image has caused.
    And she only wants it to go away!
    I feel that it has taken so long for it to come to the surface that it could only be the Borwan Park mansions ghost tours idea of increasing there visitors. They have used & have benefited from this to their full advantage.
    I mean on national television they, the tour guides, even said they werent aware of anyone that resembled that profile/face on that particular night.
    Hello….Megan told at least 3 of them it looked like her. They didnt want to listen.
    I think the question we should all be asking is how does a digital image taken, automatically and strangely jump out of sequence and get placed into a stream of more recent pictures hours later??????
    Lets see if there any digital experts that can solve this one? 🙂

  11. I actually know Megan, I was a very close friend of hers until we had a fight over immaturity.. I can honestly say that this whole hoax doesn’t suprise me at all! Megan is selfish, and immature, and would do anything for 15 mins of fame. There is absolutley NO way Megan was innocent, and that she didn’t help plan this whole thing.

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