Billion Dollar Sports Teams


It is inevitable that anyone who writes regularly on culture will eventually have to deal with sports. To illustrate how important sport is within world culture, sports and sports-related material now make up 2-3% of global GDP.

So, with the UK and European football season underway and the American Football season about to start, I thought it might be interesting to comment on Forbes’ latest rankings of the world’s most valuable sports teams:

1 – Manchester United – $1.870bn (£1.144bn)
2 – Dallas Cowboys – $1.650bn (£1.009bn)
3 – Washington Redskins – $1.550bn (£948m)
4 – New York Yankees – $1.500bn (£918m)
5 – New England Patriots – $1.361bn (£833m)
6 – Real Madrid – $1.353bn (£828m)
7 – Arsenal – $1.200bn (£734m)

8 – New York Giants – $1.183bn (£724m)
9 – New York Jets – $1.170bn (£716m)
10 – Houston Texans – $1.150bn (£704m)

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That’s not cheating. THIS is cheating…

Much was made of the performance of South African athlete Caster Semenya at the recent World Athletics Championships in Berlin. Having won the Women’s 800m, her less than stereotypically feminine appearance led to calls for immediate gender testing in case she should prove to be Half Man–Half Biscuit. And now tests have shown she has three times the “normal” levels of testosterone in her body.

What a bore.

In the good old days cheats would hatch fiendish plots and come up with dastardly schemes to outwit their opponents. Like Hippolyte Aucouturier who hopped on a train in the 1904 Tour De France. Though quite how the organisers failed to anticipate the likelihood of a man with that moustache being a bit sneaky is beyond me…

Shortly after disqualification Aucouturier tied the official's wife to a railway track.

Shortly after disqualification Aucouturier tied the official's wife to the train track.

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