Who let the dogs out? America’s right wing is barking

First, Facebook assassination polls; now talk of military coups. What the hell is going on? You’d think the U.S. was burning down and being overrun by hoardes of Commies and Islamo-fascists rather than just progressing though a significant recession.

I don’t mind strong critique when it is either useful, fact based, or done with a little humour, but the tone of some of this material is getting worrisome, especially the now constant reference to the “Obama Problem”, a new catch-all phrase that is never clearly defined. Of course, after the Facebook poll we all know what the final solution to this “problem” is, don’t we?

The John L. Perry* piece below (which has now been taken down from  its original site on Newsmax.com, a conservative news site) needs/deserves to be read in its entirety. It was posted a couple of days ago and has caused quite a stir. Is it close to treason? Methinks it might be.

So, read away and let the incredulity begin:

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