Attention – Drunks!

Here’s a road sign from Romania warning drivers of hazards ahead…

The translation of the text is Attention – Drunks although this pissed up pedestrian seems to have had his arse cut off to add injury to insult.

Peter Antal, the mayor of Pecica, who erected the signs said…

We are a border town and have lots of cars thundering through here all the time. But we also have a very vibrant nightlife and the two don’t mix. We have to target the drivers because by the time they get to this state, the pedestrians are beyond caring.

We must warn drivers that sometimes people who have little control over their actions can suddenly appear in the road

Nice sign… although if I was mayor I think I’d go with some a touch more graphic. Something like this perhaps…

The text beneath would read "I love you man... you're me best bleeurgh

Late Breaking Plagiarism Update: Perhaps Mayor Antal has recently come back from holiday in Thailand. Here’s a photo my wife took in Phuket 9 months ago just before she passed out.

Which raises the question. Was the original model Thai? And where the hell is his or her arse?

Fashions in the Field: Melbourne Cup Tragedy 2009

The Melbourne Cup has become a national ritual in Australia.

Although not a public holiday, the first Tuesday in November might as well be seeing as entire offices tip out of work dressed in their finest, go and place a bet on the big race (and this year there was a special betting office on the main public concourse opened for the day in the middle of Sydney) and head to the nearest pub to refresh themselves while watching the nags race round the circuit. And drinking too much and spending your money at the bookies seems to be what the Cup Carnival is all about.

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SMACKDOWN: cross-dressing cage fighters versus drunken idiots

We’ve looked at the prevalence of CCTV in the UK on a couple of occasions (here and here), where despite the large number of cameras, they aren’t always effective in controlling crime. But sometimes they are, and occasionally footage from these cameras makes it into the public domain. The clip below is from a recent court case Continue reading