Abandoned Seaplane: When Dreams Become Nightmares

Duffster’s posts on depression ravaged Detroit (which you can read here, here and here) and the pictures of abandoned houses got me scouring the web for more.

There’s something utterly fascinating about ghost towns, deserted structures and once populated and thriving areas now void of human activity and Continue reading

House in Dying Detroit bought for $100


Not the $100 house. This house has now been demolished.

On a day when scientists are releasing new information on Kiuic, a ancient Mayan city where it now appears that the inhabitants just walked away in approximately 900AD, leaving a city frozen in time, I thought we would revisit Detroit (which we’ve looked at before a couple of times, here and here), the modern day equivalent of a disappearing city.

Designed to accommodate over two million inhabitants, the population of Detroit is now down under 900,000.  The average house price is approximately $11,000.  There had been rumours that someone purchased a house for as little as $100.  This purchase has now been Continue reading