Yo-Yo makes a playground comeback

At the recent London Toy Fair, lo-tech was the big news with the good old yo-yo on the comeback trail, yet again.  Last time the yo-yo was big was 12 years ago in 1998 “when nearly four million were sold in Britain – the equivalent of one for every three children in the country.”

The Telegraph reports that “retailers and yo-yo manufacturers are gearing up for 2010 to be the biggest year for the toy since 1998” and that David Strang, the managing director of Wicked Vision, the distributor of Duncan yo-yos, said: “Since November they have been selling ridiculously well. We are up about 1000 per cent at least – tenfold on the sales we were having a year ago.”

Yo-yos, it seems, have bounced up and down in popularity over the last 80 years, typically hitting a craze phase every seven to eight years.

And if you practice hard enough, maybe you can develop some of these mad skills:

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