G-Spot News – It exists but the English can’t find it.

Around three weeks ago we looked at a British scientific paper from Kings College London, which claimed the G-Spot was a figment of women’s imaginations. The original post is here (Sex News: G-Spot Confusion) and it generated a number of responses, principally on my Facebook page, most of which pointed out the scientists probably weren’t looking hard enough.

Turns out the French appear to agree. When gynaecologists gathered at a conference in Paris last week they were asked for their reactions to the Kings College paper. Leading French surgeon Pierre Foldes said…

The King’s College study shows a lack of respect for what women say. The conclusions were completely erroneous because they were based solely on genetic observations. It is clear that in female sexuality there is a variability. It cannot be reduced to a yes or no or an on or off.

Gynaecologist Odile Buisson added slightly more pointedly…

I don’t want to stigmatise at all but I think the Protestant, liberal, Anglo-Saxon character means you are very pragmatic. There has to be a cause for everything, a gene for everything. It’s totalitarian.

So there you have it. English scientists can hardly be expected to find the G-Spot because they are… well, they’re English really.


Britain's leading gynaecologist, Sir Basil Muff-Badger, encounters a French woman

Doctors in the United States meanwhile seldom look a gift horse in the mouth. Gynaecologist David Matlock has pioneered a “treatment” called G-Spot Amplification. Dr Matlock will fossick around your furry fun cave and then inject collagen into your G-Spot, in order to enlarge it to a G-Zone. The effects last “up to four months” and according to his website, 87% of women who received the G-Shot™ reported “enhanced sexual arousal/gratification”. Presumably the remaining 13% spent the next four months with their legs crossed muttering “Ow, ow, ow”.

The testimonials on his site certainly seem to hint at some sort of effect…

What a result. All I have to do is think about sex and I can feel my G-Spot react

During my spinning class I have this smile on my face and people think that I am enjoying my workout but actually I am sexually aroused

After my G-Shot I get sexually aroused performing yoga

After the G-Shot® it is simple to direct your partner to your amplified pleasure center

Would you like to explore our Amplified Pleasure Centers?

Apparently a patent is still pending.

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